About the Library


  • 16,088 sq ft library in a park setting with a design for expansion when needed
  • 4,530 sq ft children’s and storytelling area with a separate children/young adult librarian on site
  • 6,450 sq ft adult and young adult area
  • computer lab with 14 computers and wireless access throughout the library
  • self checkout available
  • two seminar meeting rooms
  • separate Friends’ book store
  • community/meeting room available after hours
  • landscaped grounds with outdoor courtyard seating and sculpture
  • coffee kiosk in the vicinity of the entrance to the library



2 thoughts on “About the Library

  1. Emily Bi

    Dear North University Community Library,
    My name is Emily Bi and I will be a 12th grader at Canyon Crest Academy in the upcoming fall semester. My classmate Harmonie and I are starting an art program called InspirArt Studio which is targeted towards 3rd-8th grade children.
    InspirArt is dedicated to providing children of all backgrounds and ability levels with free education in the fine arts. With the recent budget cuts, many schools are placing less of an emphasis on art classes, which we believe to be just as vital and enriching as other academic subjects. As artists and members of the Visual Arts Conservatory at our school, we have a passion for sharing the joy that art brings. We have noticed that North University Library already has art activities for children, but InspirArt distinguishes itself by its focus on techniques and principles that are universally applicable in the field of fine arts and that are taught in professional art training schools.
    We are asking you to help make InspirArt a reality by allowing us to use your library community room for one hour every week. If possible, we would prefer this time to be either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon. We ask for nothing more than just the use of the room; we will be providing all necessary supplies and materials ourselves, and we will advertise our program outside of the library so that the library’s existing activities are unaffected. Please consider helping us in inspiring the next generation of artists! We look forward to hearing from you; feel free to email us back or call us (our contact info is below).

    Emily Bi and Harmonie Lau
    (858)284-8670 (Emily’s cell)
    (858)281-1216 (Harmonie’s cell)

  2. Ellen

    Hi Emily & Harmonie,

    I’m Ellen Smith the volunteer webmaster for the Friends of the North UC Library. Your art program sounds fantastic! I will forward your request to Michelle Ruiz, the NUC Branch Manager.

    Thanks for doing this. :)


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