May 2009 Minutes

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Meeting of the Friends of the Library, NUC Chapter

May 27, 2009

Board Members Present: Gary Chapman, Ed Threat, Karin Threat, Michael Vrable
Also Present: Cyndy Shutler, Lu Robbins

Gary Chapman started by showing a slideshow of photographs that he took at the Children’s Book Festival.

Many board members were not at the meeting. Ralph was not feeling well, and Gene was with him. Only four board members were actually present.

Gary called the meeting to order at 6:43pm.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


The June events calendar and summer reading program flyer were passed around. The youth services librarian will be going to talk at some of the schools to make people aware of the library and programs.

During the Book Festival, 2300 people visited the library, and an estimated 6 to 7 thousand outside at the festival.

There will be a meeting in one week, Wednesday at 11am, to discuss the festival and what could be done better next year. Gary will be present at that meeting, and asked if Ed could also attend.

Update on sun shades: because money is being matched, have to put out another request for a bid. Another bid came in slightly above the old amount. Looking at various drawings; we want to be sure that the awning looks good and isn’t just a piece of tarp. Moving slowly but making progress. Gary commented: summer is coming soon, but hot months are not to August/September, so we may still have the awning up in time.


Gary talked about nominations and elections. Unfortunately, Ralph who is the chair of the nominating committee could not make the meeting.

The structure of the board can be whatever we want. Positions we probably want to have include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Bookstore, Publicity, Membership, Webmaster.

The board can add additional board members at any time, as long as a majority of the board have been elected by the membership at large.

We want to get more people involved to help, so in practice anyone that wants to help out in some way will probably be elected to the board. Naomi and Lu were mentioned as possible new board members, as well as other people that have been helping in the bookstore.

The plan is to have elections at the meeting in August, with the slate of nominees ready by July meeting. Gary will send an e-mail to the entire membership announcing this. In the next month he will send out an e-mail asking people interested in being on the board to contact the nominating committee.

The Corporate Friends have proposed a new set of bylaws for the chapters. Whatever bylaws our chapter implements have to be approved by the Corporate Friends; using or at least starting from the proposed bylaws is simplest since those in effect pre-approved. Gary mailed out the new bylaws before the meeting, and would like to have a discussion of them at the June meeting.

Cyndy asked about board positions and suggested having some type of author committee. The La Jolla library has a committee in charge of bringing noted authors to the library, and screening them beforehand. Cyndy has authors come to her, but she has been busy. A subcommittee to help with that would be good.

Ed asked about getting more people showing up to meetings. We’ve had many new members, but are having trouble getting the meetings announced and people showing up to them. Gary says he has sent out e-mails to all members in the past, but only one or two show up. Recent e-mails have just been to the board.

Gary said that for June, he will send a message to all members. He will send a message two weeks before, then another message one week before.

Ed asked whether minutes from the meetings can be posted to the website. Michael will post minutes from this meeting to the website.


Many volunteers put in many hours helping prepare for book sales at the Children’s Book Festival.

In total, there were $1837.38 in book sales at the festival.

The SDPL Foundation donated 100+ Children’s books. Ed said they had agreed on a 60/40% split of sales, with a minimum of $100 and maximum of $150 going to the foundation. It’s difficult to keep track of the books, but as an estimate the books were priced at about $3 each, and 40% of $300 would be $120. Wasn’t sure who check should be written to.

For the month of May, sales were a record $3059.69.

Two pricing training meetings were held. 14 people showed up and were trained. We have 22 volunteers; 90% are trained to do pricing in the bookstore. Ralph has created a new pricing guide.

There is a rolling cabinet in the bookstore, for putting purses etc. away while working on a shift. Ed also got a rug for the floor in the children’s area of the bookstore. Ed asked for $243.23 for reimbursements for various expenses. This was approved by the board members present.

Ed presented a proposal for lettering to go on the door to the bookstore. This would cost $99, and would be professionally installed.

There will be a karaoke book sale on June 13. Some of the staff will be introduced to the public at the sale (much as Cyndy has been at book sales in the past).

Ed asked about having trees planed behind the patio. Ed asked if someone can work under Cyndy’s directions to look into this. He also suggested selling trees to donors to help fun this. Gary wondered what types of approvals would be needed. Lu had some ideas for people to work with, and will talk more with Cyndy.

The FSDPL will have an awards ceremony at its annual meeting. Ed submitted a list of names of people he would like to see nominated.


The checkbook balance is currently $19034.50.

For Summer Reading Program, city usually gives money ($900), but not this year. This year we gave $3000. This will be matched 50%, so in total there will be $4500 available.

Membership so far has brought in $1750.

Karin was given another $100 in petty cash for supplies in the bookstore.

Cyndy mentioned that the library is fine on money for now, but will be looking at additional funding for programs in the fall so we should start thinking about what we would like to fund.

Ed suggested holding some type of staff appreciation event. This was originally Roberta’s idea, so perhaps she can take charge.

There was no old or new business not already discussed.